Tomcat Sport Disc Heavy Duty Floor Scrubber Dryer

Tomcat Sport Disc Heavy Duty Floor Scrubber Dryer

The Tomcat Sport heavy duty floor scrubber dryer is a battery floor scrubber that puts a lot of cleaning power in a small package. With your choice between two control systems, a variety of environments and operator skill levels can be accommodated.

Built on a welded steel chassis with a 3-stage vacuum motor, the Sport floor scrubber bests all others in its class. Its durable construction is evident in every aspect of the machine. Just park it next to a different brand and see the quality and durability. Your choice of 3 different styles of scrub decks mean you will get the clean you need. Disk, EDGE and Cylindrical.

This heavy-duty floor scrubber can easily manage pool decks with open aggregate, non-slip floors, patios, stock rooms, hotels, and mid-sized retail spaces. Small enough for any operator to comfortably operate yet powerful enough to clean your toughest cleaning tasks.



Type Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer with Disc Brush
Scrub widths 43cm, 50cm & 60cm
R.P.M 200 & 270 
Brush pressure 5 settings 57kg Max
Water capacity 49-56ltrs
Vacuum motor 640watts
Traction drive 559 watts
Power 24v 130ah
Run time Up to 2.5 hours
Construction Steel chassis 
Dimensions 114 x 53 x 99cm
Weight 186-209kg