Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryers

Industrial Scrubber Dryers

What are the benefits of an industrial scrubber dryer? A good question and the answer is mostly productivity. A scrubber dryer not only reduces the need for manpower but also improves the results. When compared to mopping scrubber dryers are so much more effective and efficient. It is also easier for the operator too. As buildings get bigger it would be impossible to keep them clean without a floor cleaning machine. Standards improve immediately and this brings many benefits including greater levels of hygiene and appearance, health and safety improves and the workplace becomes a much nicer place to be in.

Scrubber dryers are now available in all shapes and sizes to suit every building and budget.

Benefits of Rokserv Scrubber Dryers

We have many years of experience in the cleaning machine industry, we have used this experience to choose the suppliers we work with. The range of machines we offer are all the best available. It’s not just about the equipment either. Our suppliers must be able to support the equipment with a supply of spare parts and advice so once the machinery is installed we can service and repair it should the need arise. We have equipment to suit every environment and budget.


Site Survey

When you decide you want a cleaning machine for your building the choice you have can be bewildering, there are many, many options. We can assist you with this by conducting a site survey. We will visit your premises and conduct a full walk around site survey with you listening to your needs and looking out for any potential access issues also we look to see if you have a water supply or mains power to charge the machine up!

We can then advise you on the best and most effective piece of equipment that will suit your needs. Following the site survey we offer you a demonstration of the machine that best suits your needs. This give you the chance to see it in action and the many benefits it will bring.

Service and repairs

It is all very well having a lovely new piece of cleaning machinery on site but what happens when something goes wrong? Easy, just give us a call. We pride ourselves on our after sales care. Most calls are attended to within a 24 hour period. We also offer a range of service contracts that include a full service package with spares etc. This allows for fixed cost budgeting and no unexpected surprise costs. We have a state of the art service call handling system that allows us to log and track service calls in real time, this system will send you an email to inform you of the job status too! You are in safe hands when you purchase a machine from Rokserv.

Why buy from us?

We have a vast amount of experience in the world of floor cleaning equipment, we are familiar with all the latest in cleaning technology as well as keeping up to date with the newest ways of cleaning be it techniques or new products we are able to advise you on the very best way to keep your entire building clean and safe. We also value our reputation and we will take care of you from the initial enquiry to installation, training and beyond.


Floor cleaning machines can be a significant investment for your business, you may not wish to tie up capital in such a purchase so it is becoming increasingly popular to finance equipment.

We have access to some of the largest and most trusted lenders in the UK. This allows us to offer you the flexibility that financing capital equipment gives. Terms from 1 to 5 years are available. You have the options of lease rental or lease purchase and to add a service package to the monthly cost if required.

Obviously it all depends on a positive credit search but this is usually carried out very quickly. Payments are via direct debit and the costs are fixed for the term of the agreement. All very quick and easy, we do all of the work for you and all you have to do is sign on the dotted line!


The greatest benefit to renting a cleaning machine is flexibility, you may only need a machine for a day or you may need one for 3 months or even longer. In our rental contracts everything is included, from maintenance to consumable items we include it for you. This gives you the peace of mind and fixed costs for the duration of the hire. We will train your staff and make sure that the equipment is kept in excellent condition for the entire time you have the machinery on site. Renting allows you to swap and change the machinery should you need to. The area you are cleaning may double in size.. no worries we can reassess your needs and install a larger more suitable machine.