Eureka E71 Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryer

Eureka E71 Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryer - Rokserv

The E71 is a large, professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer, ideal for the thorough cleaning of areas ranging between 2000m2 and 3000m2. It has a cleaning width of either 700 mm, and it’s equipped with a twin brush scrub deck which, combined to a 4 km/hr speed, boasts an area coverage of 2800 m2/hour.

The ECO configuration is equipped with the new, exclusive ECO system (patented), which breaks water economy and detergent saving barriers, and has won several awards (among them, the Veneto Sviluppo Award). The system has been designed to guarantee impressive labour/water/detergent savings, and boasts a productivity rate between 3 and 5 times greater than traditional systems.

Technical Features E71

  • Scrubbing Path - 710mm
  • Solution Tank - 80 - 400 litres (eco)
  • Productivity - 3150m2/hr 
  • Max gradient - 20% 
  • Voltage - 24v 
  • Recommended Batteries - 4 x 6v 
  • On-board Battery Charger - Yes 
  • Weight Without Batteries - 173kg