Timberline and Mini Rolls!

A very well-known food producer and long term client had a requirement for a compact heavy duty scrubber dryer to assist in the cleaning on one of their production areas.

This area had a mixture of chocolate, jam and cream all passing by on a conveyor belt. Inevitably some of these tasty but slippery products ended up on the floor around the conveyor this was then walked around the area by the staff. The issue was that bad they had to supply the staff with special extra grippy safety shoes to stop them falling over!

We took a couple of machines in from the amazing new Timberline range of scrubber dryers, the range is huge with many different tank sizes, scrub widths and scrub decks available. Given the client’s brief we took in the S20 with traction and the S20 Orbitz with the Orbital brush head.

The build quality is the first thing you notice about the Timberline range,  the handles feel reassuringly robust and the brush decks are solid and feel like they will last forever.  First up was the S20 with a disc brush head on it, this scrubbed the floor and left it bone dry and clean in one pass, we used the clients own chemical and they were really impressed with the way the machine dealt with the greasy floor.  It was left dry and all of the slippiness had gone.  Being easy to use the operatives on site were very pleased, as the machine will be used over 2 or 3 shifts per day ease of use is vital.  Training is simple as all of the machines major functions are right in front of you and well-marked.  There are no tricky electronics on the Timberline range just high quality analogue switches!

Next up was the S20 Orbitz, this uses an oscillating brush head that can be fitted with a variety of pads and brushes to suit all hard floors. The main benefit of this machine is that there is no need for any chemical, the action of the head along with clean water removes all soiling from the floor. The results were amazing, this was particularly attractive to this customer because of the money they would save by not having to use chemicals and the fact that there are no chemicals present to potentially contaminate the food. Also the storage and handling of the chemicals is always an issue in any factory.

As an added extra bonus we took along the Timberline Nano, this is a hand held orbital machine that runs off battery power. We used it to clean right under the production line and around the pillars and other hard to reach areas around the production line. This versatile piece of equipment can be used on all hard floors and will scrub years of dirt away in seconds. It’s especially effective on safety flooring and has to be seen to believed. No cables either as it is battery powered!! (Mains power available too).

Timberline Nano in action

If you need an well-built, reliable and powerful scrubber dryer that offers amazing build quality at an affordable price, look no further than Timberline.