TomCat MicroMini Battery Floor Scrubber Dryer

TomCat MicroMini Battery Floor Scrubber Dryer

The TomCat MicroMini Battery Floor Scrubber Dryer design is compact and simple. With intuitive controls minimal operator training is required for your cleaning staff to achieve exceptional results. The MicroMini's durable construction means many years of dependable service and minimal repairs. Available in Traction Assist, this small auto scrubber can accommodate modest budgets while offering impressive performance.

The construction of the TomCat MicroMini and its available decks allows you to scrub directly up to the wall, into corners, reach kick plates and very tight against obstacles. You will find this machine in gyms, health clubs, locker rooms, kitchens, and restaurants, as it cleans much better than a mop and bucket and is more hygienic.

A disk scrub deck is the most versatile for your floor scrubber. With a gimbaled mount that allows a scrub brush to conform to uneven floors, it offers exceptional performance. For flat, smooth, finished floors, a pad holder and disposable floor scrubber pads can be used. For textured and uneven floors, you can choose from a wide variety of scrub brush fibres and grits, tailored to your surface and soil combination.


  • Stainless Steel Deck & Squeegee

  • Heavy Duty Motors

  • Electronic Brush Pressure

  • On-Board Charger

  • Lead Acid or Gel Maintenance Free Batteries

  • Easy Access – Easy Clean Tanks

  • 3 Year Warranty