Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryers

Timberline 20 Orbital - NANO Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryer

Timberline 20 Orbital - NANO Industrial Floor Scrubber

AC Powered

ORBITZ Series - 20" Orbital Floor Machine

Model No: TF20R

Thoroughly clean a variety of different floor surfaces with the ORBITZ 20" Floor Machine. Pads are installed and removed without tools for easy application switching. Heavy-duty rolling wheels allow for ease of transport. Heavy-duty isolators reduce vibrations at the handle-bar reducing oeprator fatique and increasing ergonomics. Containment Skirt standard to prevent solution or dust spread while in operation.

  • Constructed robustly — steel frame construction and durable components 
  • Removeable Deck Weights for Transportation or Application Needs
  • Optional HEPA Onboard Vacuum to capture dust
  • Easy to operate trigger handle assembly
  • Cleaning Path - 20 in / 51 cm