Picking the best industrial floor cleaner!


2022 brought a whole new range of machinery to the Rokserv stable. As a completely independent supplier we have the luxury of picking what brands we think offer the best in performance and value.


The Timberline range came to us in a blaze of glory, the entire range is well built, reliable and easy to maintain. It has proven to be popular in all sectors of the industry from industry to healthcare everywhere needs a Timberline!


Part of the range includes the latest in orbital technology, this uses a principle similar to an orbital sander. A brush or a pad oscillates cleaning the floor surface extremely quickly and very effectively. There are a variety of different pads to suit most hard floor types. The results on ‘hard to clean’ floors can be dramatic! The orbital range is available as a stand-alone machine or as a scrubber dryer.


The Eureka range of scrubber dryers and sweepers have again been popular, the large machines are in my opinion some of the best available and they excel with after sales support. Parts are always available and they are eager to help should there be any issues.


This is one of the criteria we use when choosing a supplier, it isn’t about how cheap the equipment is or even how well it performs. We need to know that we are supported by the brand so we have the confidence when presenting it to our clients.


Our most popular brand of scrubber dryer is the ICE range of machines, these offer extremely good value and we have found that in nearly 8 years of selling this brand them to be ultra-reliable.  They really do seem to ‘box above their weight’. They are simple to maintain and just do what they are meant to….


We are always wary of cleaning machines that require a laptop to repair or machines that look like aircraft flight decks and require a degree to get going. In our experience an operator wants to turn up, put water in the machine push 2 buttons and start doing their job! We really do believe in keeping it simple!


Whatever your cleaning needs we can help you, if the area you need to keep clean is large or small, high or low we have something in our range to help keep your buildings clean.


All of this is backed up with years of experience from our team.


So for all your 2023 (and beyond) cleaning needs call us for a no obligation site survey or demonstration. You can also email us at info@rokserv.com