Cleaning machine technology is ever changing but the biggest change so far is the introduction of orbital cleaning.


Orbital cleaning machines usually consist of an oblong drive board attached to a powerful motor and a heavy base. The motor oscillates the drive board (that can be fitted with a huge variety of pads and brushes) at a very high frequency.


This action removes dirt and soiling from all types of flooring. Very little water is used and the results are spectacular.


The machine itself is so light and easy to use despite the mass of the base plate.


There are a huge variety of cleaning elements available to suit every type of floor surface. It is possible to strip old polish from a floor with no chemicals. We have restored a sand stone floor in a listed building just using clean water.


An orbital scrubbing machine will change the way you clean!


There are a number of combined scrubber dryers available with this technology now too so larger areas can now be cleaned chemical free.


There are many benefits to not using chemicals, cost is the most obvious along with environmental impact. Chemicals can build up in porous floors and leave a residue on vinyl type floors. This can attract dirt and in some cases leave the floors looking dull.


What we have noticed is when using the orbital machines is the amount of old chemical that comes out of the floor. It really is shocking!


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