Looking back over 2023 and the industrial floor cleaning equipment we have supplied has surprised us, the diversity and variety of the machinery was amazing!


When you think of cleaning machine supplies you immediately go with scrubber dryers and sweepers as that’s what we sell the most of.


However… in 2023 we noticed an upturn in Orbital cleaning machines, these use a system not unlike an orbital sander and using a variety of pads can be used to clean the most difficult surfaces out there. These are brilliant at cleaning light ceramic tiles and heavily marked vinyl. The oscillating effect really does remove soiling with ease.


Steam cleaners were also popular, our clients used them for sanitisation as well as deep cleaning kitchens and label removal too! These are versatile machines that have 100’s of uses.


High level outdoor vacuum cleaners too! Especially when fitted with a Bluetooth camera system that helps you guide the nozzle from 25 feet below. Immensely powerful vacuums like these can be used both internally and externally and can get to the highest spots by using ultra lightweight carbon fibre poles. Ideal for dusting inside buildings and cleaning gutters and gullies alike.


Specialist high filtration vacuum cleaners were also supplied to a number of factories, when there are hazardous particulates around you need a vacuum cleaner that can handle them safely. There are a baffling number of filters and specs available so if you have a need please let us help you out. These machines are in a different league when it comes to quality and performance. The power is truly amazing and some are designed to run 24/7.


Backpack vacuums are increasingly popular especially the battery powered versions. As batteries get lighter and more powerful this range of vacs are coming into their own, they are so much safer especially when used at high level or on stairs etc. where the operator needs to have a free hand. Once the operator gets used to having the unit on their back, they soon forget it’s there and vacuuming becomes easier and much more efficient.


Something that is becoming increasingly popular is chemical free cleaning using a stabilised ozone device. This wall mounted unit turns normal everyday tap water into a very powerful anti-bacterial cleaning agent. It is completely safe requiring no COSHH, no special handling measures and it is so environmentally friendly I don’t know where to start. For a start you can get rid of about 90% of the current chemicals in your cupboard, there is no packaging. Reduced transport costs, an immediate saving on space in your cleaning cupboard and no nasty coloured heavily scented products that can leave residues and sticky messes everywhere. Also, there is no overdosing and very little waste.

We truly think that this is the future! You basically make you own cleaning products on site when you need them!


We have to mention our mainstays of scrubber dryers and sweepers, we have noticed a trend for very, very small scrubber dryers that allow the cleaning of hard to access areas such as behind toilets. These speed the cleaning process up and improve standards dramatically. Lots of innovation with Orbital scrubber dryers, these partner well with chemical free cleaning and really do an amazing job especially on hard to clean floors.


Robotics are on the march! We must say we have to see one that truly impresses us and we are not 100% convinced that this is the way forward but we know the market is moving that way and at some point they will be the norm. We believe the art of cleaning a floor well and to a high standard will always involve a human!


One of the most frustrating things for a business is when a client says “I didn’t know you sold them…” so now we all know we have a vast range of machinery and equipment from the worlds leading suppliers all backed up by our after sales promise.


We are not just “box shifters” that send your new equipment through the post leaving you to fathom it out by yourselves. We believe in making sure you have the correct piece of equipment for the task in hand and installing it with you ensuring your staff are trained and comfortable with using the machine. We can advise you on the best cleaning methods and products to use so you really get the value from your investment.


Check out the rest of the website if you have a need for a piece of floor care or cleaning equipment please feel free to contact us at or call us on 0800 566 8407. No obligation site surveys and demonstrations are always available.