rent the I-Mop

Meet the i-mop.

A full-size scrubber dryer deck with the flexibility of a flat mop!

We’ve noticed that to this day 70 percent of all surfaces are still being cleaned manually with a mop and bucket. This is time consuming, labor intensive, exhausting and it is never as a clean as you want it to be. Why? Because normal scrubber-dryers only work in vast open spaces. We have slimmed down every aspect of a normal full size scrubber-dryer while keeping the operational width of the deck the same and made it extremely manoeuvrable.

Can you imagine, a scrubber- dryer that can clean under-neath tables, serving areas, washroom sinks and that can turn 180 degrees on the spot? A scrubber-dryer you are able to bring with you up and down stairs?

A scrubber-dryer you are able to easily store in a broom closet? A scrubber- dryer you don’t have to set aside to recharge? Well, now you can!

Changing the way you think about cleaning.

Revolutionary cleaning